I usually buy my everyone on my team a small gift for Xmas – token of appreciation and all that. Given we don’t really give family gifts++, it is just about the only Xmas shopping I do!

This year I chose cute reusable totes** from loqi and a sweet treat (sample below)



I had eight^^ to buy for and tried to tailor each bag to the recipient. Given the reactions, I think I was successful.

I rather undid all the good eco-work with those diaso christmas lights, but hey – we all need some tiny sparkles in our lives.

I probably should have thrown in a P2 face-mask, given the smoke-filled times we’re living in.

Three more days of work and I am very very ready for a break!

2900-2899 days


++ usually favour cash – though this year Bessie is getting kitchen supplies.

** I’ve had a similar tote in my handbag for around 8 years – as recommended by Joan, the early adopter. It rolls down into a very small bundle and doesn’t take up much space. I use it several times a week – still powering on.

^^ eight! this may not seem a lot to you – but gosh, they’re a handful!

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