Sadly, I abandoned Mango Advent after Day 10 because eating a mango every day is A LOT.

Mangoes are of course delicious, and I would never tire of them, but I often found myself eating one when I wasn’t particularly hungry – just for the adventness of it. That’s a lot of calories just for the purposes of a project and not really in line with the whole intuitive eating thing I’m trying to cultivate.

We’re going to rethink the advent approach next year. It really sort of encourages gluttony, over-consumption or the acquisition of things one does not need. I think Bessie and Hansel have the right approach with the tea sampler and mini-chocolate calendar they put together themselves.

I really am down with the idea of doing something more personalised / handcrafted. I think this goes for gifts more generally. I was always perplexed by old people who insisted that you not buy them gifts. Now I am completely turned around on the subject.

I was going to say that I wish I had more time to do more handcrafted gifts. This is completely disingenuous. I would have plenty of time for such things if I did not waste my down time dicking around on The InformationSuperhighway.

I’d like to get better about that.

2901 days

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