You might remember the dystopian smokiness enveloping the city back at the end of October.

This did not abate at all while we were on holiday. We’re still covered smoke and it looks like hanging around for a while yet. Air quality is appalling and approaching Shanghai levels.

The few times I left ThePalace(OfLove) last week, I ended up with tight chest, post-nasal drip (eww) and the dreaded cough. Thank TheUniverse and TheDoctor for that ventolin puffer which helps a lot.

So that I might venture outdoors and continue breathing, I took myself to the hardware store on Sunday and bought some P2/N95 masks.

Sure, I might look like a complete idiot on the communute, but I’m past giving any fucks what my fellow commuters think. The masks have made a miraculous difference, so much that while I was cough free and breathing easily on the journey, when I took it off at the ProjectSulfur offices this morning, the smoke seeping through the gaps in the windows made me cough.

Vive le mask!

possibly needs decorating

There have been some mask-skeptics at SML. “But it won’t filter everything”. Yes indeed, but it’s filtering 100% more than your not-mask!

Of course things are significantly worse for the people who are in the actual fire zones! But this is still pretty unpleasant – I’m hoping this is not what life is now.

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