and today we played tennis

Holiday routine:

5:50am – wake, dress, go to beach, take approximately 80 billion photos of sunrise

6:30am – first breakfast: coffee, mini bircher muesli, muffin

6:45am-7:00am (depending when Don leaves for golf) – solo walk on beach

7:40am – squeeze self into yoga clothes, run to yoga because I’m invariably back later from the beach walk than planned

8:00am – yoga

9:10am – second breakfast: 2x coffee, fruit, another muffin

10:15am – back to room, shower, put on cossies, apply sunscreen

10:45am – laze by pool or by beach, read, sew, listen to audiobook, people-watch

12:30pm – Don back from golf, watch him eat lunch, more lazing about, swim in pool

2:00pm – massage (hence the no-lunch for me)

4:00pm – more swimming, more lazing, more reading

5:30pm – drinks in club (soda water for me!), people-watching, scrolling about on InformationSuperhighway

6:30pm – dinner, dessert (though there are many tempting options, I always go for mango sticky rice)

8:00pm – back to room, collapse in heap, asleep by 8:30

I will be very sad to leave all this behind!


Notes: I don’t have a massage every day. Don does play golf almost every day. Sometimes I do have lunch – mostly not though.


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