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Joe/Frank boots acquisition achieved! Joan will be delighted as she has been regularly nagging us to action this for 6 months.

We set out relatively early in an attempt to avoid the crowds. We were after two pairs of shoes and pretty quickly found what we wanted in both stores we visited – this was a pleasant surprise as J/F has wide feet, wears orthotics and has difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable.

The customer service at both shoe stores was spectacularly good. I’m very inclined to write to both companies and let them know this. Making an effort to leave good feedback would be a nice project I think.

Because Joe/Frank not huge on shopping we carped the whatevs and grabbed a couple of other necessities for him while we were out. We’re nothing if not efficient.

We were home by about 1pm and I was completely and utterly knackered afterward, so I lay about reading My year of rest and relaxation for the rest of the afternoon.

I enjoyed both the book and the lazing rather a lot.

Nothing much else from the weekend list was actioned. I have no regrets about this.

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