ten for the weekend

Clearly I have some sort of crafting block at the moment – all good intentions and no follow through!

I need to stop buying craft supplies and get to making. Clearly having stuff on a list is not doing much, so I’m trying something slightly different this weekend. Being specific about what thing I want to start and giving myself a hard stop after 20 minutes.

+ update the horrible quality photos I’ve recently uploaded here directly from my phone
+ 2x cardio
+ take Joe/Frank to buy sturdy boots for his holiday to visit Joan!
+ embroidery (20 minutes)
+ petticoat (20 minutes)
+ open sashiko kit (20 minutes)
+ organise sewing box in lounge-room (20 minutes)
+ make list of books read in September/October (20 minutes)
+ update 60before60 list (20 minutes)
+ begin to gather holiday reading material – HOLIDAY!


And last week’s intentions? A pretty decent – 5/10

✓ movie and dinner date with Don (Plien Soliel and izakaya fujiyama)
✗ open that sashiko kit
✓ knit six rows of impossible jumper
✓ nap
✓ 2x cardio
✗ assess craft supplies
✗ prioritise future crafting activities – and get started on one thing
✗ limit internet use
✓ edit that photo of the Japanese laundromat
✗ cross off the completed items on the 60before60 list

2954 days

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