now if there was a daiso version …

We’ve decided to go in for advent calendars again this year. As is the way of these things, last year was mixed – with Joan unable to make a decision and abstaining, mine underwhelming and Don, Joe/Frank and Bessie loving theirs.

Of course nothing will ever come remotely close to the genius Joan and Bessie handmade calendar, so I’m struggling to find something remotely appealing for myself this year.

+ I don’t drink alcohol
+ I don’t wear make-up (save for mascara)
+ I don’t eat chocolate
+ I don’t drink black tea
+ I’m very particular about scent

Totally simple then.

Perhaps this Tiffany one? A bargain at £104,000.

I suspect what I will do is buy myself 24 small useful trinkets and lucky-dip them.

2958 days

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