ten for the weekend

This weekend I will:

+ do a minimum of 7 minutes exercise each day
+ begin something (anything!) crafty
+ repot some outdoor plants
+ plant those spontaneously acquired seeds
+ spend some time outdoors
+ revisit the 60before60 list
+ take a hard look at my wardrobe
+ read library books or return them
+ try an afternoon nap
+ not spend the majority of my precious free time on housework!

2982 days

2 thoughts on “ten for the weekend

    • I can highly recommend! I would adore following along.

      I loved doing the 50 before 50 list – it really inspired me to do lots of things I wouldn’t have done without having the list. I’m hoping the same for the 60, but keep forgetting the list is there – older age?

      And I did mine in sections (so I didn’t have the whole list ready to go) and swapped out ones that I really wasn’t feeling – I wanted to make a model boat for example, which I gave up because … clutter.

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