almost emptier nest

Fluffy of activity in ThePalace(OfLove) tonight. Bessie is in major decluttering mode as she prepares to fly the nest!

She and Hansel are moving in together and sign the lease and get the keys for their new place tomorrow!

They’re moving into a cute little apartment about 10 min away from us (1.5 hours away on a Saturday morning taking the usual Inner West traffic into consideration).

Such adorable poppets! I’m excited for them!

Her decluttering has unearthed a whole bunch of garments I’ve passed on to her over the years which I’m retrieving from the cast-offs pile. “Oh, I’d completely forgotten about that giant orange jumper!” “Did I really knit that complicated grey hat?”

And I’m making piles of household items I I can cast off to her. “Here, have all of my cake tins!”

Circle of life.

I suspect we’ll also be in a frenzy of activity all weekend.

2990 days.

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