get off my lawn #001

I’m not sure if this has always been a *thing* and I’m only just noticing it because I’ve entered the demographic, but what is it with this whole “people over 50 cannot understand/operate technology and are barely able to function in society” vibe?

It’s comical, it’s horrifying, it makes for decent blog fodder. So like the stereotypical cranky old person shaking their fist at a cloud, I’m going to document the more egregious examples as they cross my path.

Example 1 – found while searching for the library catalogue:

Inner West Council: Over 55’s Cyber Seniors @ Ashfield

More about this event:

One on one tuition with student volunteers, learn how to upload photos from your phone, navigate Facebook, find a useful app or make a spotify playlist.

There are so many ways we can use technology to stay healthy and happy as we age but there is so much out there it can be good to get some help from the younger generation.

I do get they’re trying to get some inter-generational bonding happening, but I’m insulted for all of us. Dude, I was uploading photos long before you were born.

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