how’s june going anyway?

tasty af. i am very pleased with my new phone camera.

That we’re almost halfway through 2019 is mystifying and terrifying in equal measure.

But let’s gloss over challenging thoughts about mortality and ticking clocks and revisit those tiny June goals.

To get me thinking following on from my procrastination / retirement post, I’ve added in whether I’d do the activity in retirement. Thoughts for next time – how do I many to spend those pre-retirement days?

+ Complete Japanese CD 8
YES! Completed on Tuesday!
Very delighted that I did this – it’s been an excellent use of 10-15 minutes of morning commute.
Nihongo ga suki desu.
There’s a long (long) way to go.
Would I do this in retirement? YES! This has been really fun and I am exited to continue to learn.

+ Endless embroidery – complete year 12 | acquire frame
NO! I was even at ikea, but didn’t remember the size I needed. Must get onto stitching this weekend.
Would I do this in retirement? YES! Though hopefully I will have caught up to date by #2026

+ Knitting – 10 rows per week
NO! Not quite sure what I’m avoiding here – fear of the pattern set up rows no doubt.
Would I do this in retirement? YES! If I apply myself I may even not be knitting the same jumper by #2026.

+ Blog – 3x per week
Going with YES here – admittedly those yes lines are a bit blurry.
Would I do this in retirement? YES! Will blogs still be a thing? Even if they aren’t I’m reasonably sure I’ll still be diarying somewhere.

+ Start recording personal spending (for a year)
NO! Pure avoidance I’m afraid. That and I can never settle on a template (ridiculous).
Would I do this in retirement? YES! I rather think we’ll be forced to keep an eye on the outgoings.

+ Exercise – run (yes!) 2x | ride 2x per week
PARTIAL! I ran twice on the long weekend – very very short runs, but so so good! I am very keen to get back to this | 2x bike ride this week, though not last. I forced myself on the bike after I arrived home from SML.
Would I do this in retirement? YES! Especially the running part. I would dearly love to be one of those wiry old ladies who run a long way.

+ No non-fruit dessert during the week
PARTIAL! Started well in the first week, this week not so much. Must stop buying biscuits after trying days.
Would I do this in retirement? NO! I plan to be eating all the desserts all the time.

+ Start the list of books I’ve read this year | stretch goal = last year
NO! I should devote 10 minutes a day
Would I do this in retirement? YES! I think it’s a fairly good discipline, especially if you record your observations.

+ I also said I’d stop ruminating about SML
I’ve actually been surprisingly excellent at this!
Would I do this in retirement? YES – looking forward to making this a permanent arrangement!

2 thoughts on “how’s june going anyway?

  1. Love this! Love the new-phone-camera photos too. You’re making me inch my way towards getting one. (But the fact that I just said “inch” probably shows how secretly analogue I really am?!) NewKitty is very pretty.

    • Thank you! I am very happy with it so far – though still taking less photos than I’d like.

      Stay with the old tech as long as you can!
      1. cost savings
      2. keeping from landfill
      3. smugness derived from 1 and 2

      NewKitty is lovely, very demanding, a desprit hoor for pats and an incredible bed hog.

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