option four

Option four is to visit another Optus store, where everything is delightful, you’re treated like a valued customer, the transaction seamless and you come out with just what you wanted.

And when you get home and unpack your lovely new very fancy device, you find your existing sim card is the wrong size and resolve to go out tomorrow morning to get one cut.

2 thoughts on “option four

  1. This makes me quake in my boots. My iPhone is apparently prehistoric (7 yrs old) but I can’t face the hoo-ha of getting another one. And SIM cards come in different sizes??Yikes! What did you end up getting? Does it work now?

    • I find it horrifying that the total cost of this phone will be more than we paid for our fabulous new bed. It’s quite impressive that your phone is still alive! They’re usually so fragile that they invariably die sometime into year 3 or sooner.

      My old and new phones allegedly have the same size sim (nano) according to the InformationSuperhighway. They absolutely didn’t because there is no way the old one was getting into the tray in the new phone – and the dude at the store had to give me a new one.

      New phone is an iphone XS. It is very very good, particularly the photo quality. I am pleased I persisted!

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