peak gadget?

If you have been visiting here for a while, you know that I very much want to incorporate more quietness, more mindfulness, more chillness, more whatever-ness and less stressfulness into my life.

So when an item promising a simple, effective mindfulness aid and a reminder to hit pause was featured in the most recent kickstarter “projects we love” email, it will come as no surprise that I clicked through.

And gosh!

Who wouldn’t benefit from adding an electronic rock to their life?

electronic rock (my annotations)

Electronic Rock will retail for £60 (AU$110.04), but can be yours for the bargain introductory kickstarter price of £40 + £10 shipping (AU$73.36 + AU$18.34).

For this bargain price you get:
+ your electronic rock
+ a wireless charging rock
+ a book of 30 scripts to better engage with your electronic rock
+ access to the exclusive, curated electronic rock community
+ “and finally, you will also have access to specifically designed ‘Getting to know your Pebble’ support materials”.

electronic rock (my annotations)

I think you will agree that Electronic Rock is Quite Superior to this Analogue Rock which I just grabbed from one of the pot plants on the lower balcony.

analogue rock (my annotations, don’s bedside styling)

Analogue Rock does not come with a wireless charging rock; nor does it come with scripts to assist engagement with him; there is no vibrant, exclusive community to plug into (plug! hah!); getting-to-know-him materials are not provided (though possibly I could find out more about him on wikipedia**). He does not pulse with pretty patterns.

However Analogue Rock does have the benefit of not costing $100 and in my opinion is rather more attractive than Electronic Rock.

Indeed you could set a periodic reminder on your phone or calendar, hold and gaze at Analogue Rock for a bit and possibly get the same effect Electronic Rock is seeking to provide for a significantly reduced cost.


In all seriousness, I do absolutely support whatever it takes to achieve good mental health and I’m sure the product design and intention comes from a very good place. I suspect though, that your $100 could possibly, maybe, be better spent elsewhere – a few yoga sessions, a meditation class or two, a GP appointment for a therapy referral.

However if you cannot resist acquiring an Electronic Rock please report back.

Since collecting him from downstairs, I find I like carrying Analogue Rock about, he gets nicely warm when held for a while. Already I have anthropomorphised him. He sparkles in the sunlight. I might take him to SML with me.

** I have no idea if Analogue Rock is quartz. I’ve always thought of this kind of rock as quartz. I apologise in advance to any geologists reading.

2 thoughts on “peak gadget?

  1. What the actual [expletive deleted by self]?! I thought this had to be a spoof but it seems not! I’m speechless. Hang on to that lovely warm analogue rock and give him a friendly squeeze from me. I’m going off to lie in a darkened room for a while…

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