april reset: week two

Somewhat less successful this week.

+ yoga 3x per week
NO! Wednesday and Sunday, so better than last week (or the week before or the month before). I’m trying to ease myself back in and not get too obsessive about it so didn’t buy an unlimited pass. This will also avoid me paying $100 per class when I don’t visit enough!

+ exercise bike 3x per week
NO! Only made it down the stairs once. There really isn’t any excuse to miss a ride.

+ no more SML biscuits – such a waste of calories
YES! Much easier when you tell yourself you are not the kind of person who eats work biscuits.

+ renew chocolate ban – moderation is impossible
YES! As above: I do not eat chocolate.

+ complete Total Japanese CDs 5 and 6
SOME PROGRESS. Completed CD 5, which needs a repeat so it sticks. And I need to take notes on what I’ve learned from this disc – also for the stickiness.

+ finish to end year 10 in the endless embroidery (currently at year 8)
SOME PROGRESS. Another 100 days completed. Over the Magical Easter break I need to sit quietly with an audiobook and stitch for a couple of hours.

+ get out into the neighbourhood more
Not really! I walked up the street on Friday night where Bessie had a market stall to deliver her a couple of bottles of water. This probably doesn’t count. I don’t often get out in the neighbourhood in the dark – the streetlights are really quite ineffectual and the footpath is perilous.

+ intermittent fasting 3x per week
YES! I developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with fiery peppermints during the week. Now I am not the sort of person who scoffs peppermints.

+ actually use the teeth whitening kit I paid a small fortune for at the dentist over 6 months ago
ABANDONED! Teeth have finally stopped aching after that first attempt. When I get it into my head to do this in another 10 years, I should look back here.

+ buff ghastly nails 1x per week – because they really are ghastly
YES! Buffed again – not a whole lot of difference from last week. This could be a long project. I should possibly extend it to my hideous toenails.

+ embrace the analogue – use laptop, tablet and phone with purpose and shut down after use
MOSTLY! Need to focus on shutting down the ipad.

+ meditate on non-yoga mornings
YES! Still going!

+ blog minimum 4x per week
NO! More exhaustion and arriving home late from work. Next week for sure!

+ read minimum 4 books over the Easter break
NOT YET! Still need to work on the reading list.

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