first day of the rest of the days

In an attempt to counter the previously mentioned meh, I’ve decided I’ll use April as an opportunity to reboot a whole lot of stuff. The weather will be cooler, daylight savings will have ended, hopefully I’ll be sleeping better! The temperature has really dropped in the last couple of days and it has been glorious – I feel quite energised by the idea of making changes and attacking a slightly ambitious list of to-dos.

+ yoga 3x per week
+ exercise bike 3x per week
+ no more SML biscuits – such a waste of calories
+ renew chocolate ban – moderation is impossible
+ complete Total Japanese CDs 5 and 6
+ finish to end year 10 in the endless embroidery (currently at year 8)
+ get out into the neighbourhood more
+ intermittent fasting 3x per week
+ actually use the teeth whitening kit I paid a small fortune for at the dentist over 6 months ago
+ buff ghastly nails 1x per week – because they really are ghastly
+ embrace the analogue – use laptop, tablet and phone with purpose and shut down after use
+ meditate on non-yoga mornings
+ blog minimum 4x per week
+ read minimum 4 books over the Easter break

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