library haul #7

As I promised myself, on Sunday I walked down to the library and grabbed a few items. Checking my borrowings emails, I haven’t borrowed anything in over two months!

The stack:
1. Total German: Michel Thomas method – for Don – who is keen to brush up on his college German
2. Louis Nowra: Chihuahuas, Women and Me
3. Sincerely – Women of Letters: Marieke Hardy, Michaela McGuire
4. JM Gregson: Die Happy (Lambert and Hook #24)
5. Manfred Jurgensen: The Other Wife
6. Jane Messer: Hopscotch
7. Brenda Walker: Reading by Moonlight

I won’t lie and say that there is anything there that really spoke to me, but I grabbed whatever looked remotely interesting – knowing that reading is particularly important part of getting me out of the current mild funk. It’s really a matter of putting one foot in front of the other, keeping at doing the right things and emerging on the other side – funkless and fabulous.

Would be rather good if there was a switch though.

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