library haul #6

At least I think it’s #6

I resolved to report back on how carting library books on holiday went …

I quickly read two of the three I took with me but the third was rather too gloomy and intense for holiday poolside reading. Fortunately I did also take the kindle so I could supplement with spontaneous downloads. I wouldn’t be averse to taking analogue books again, but it does rather take up space in the luggage, so maybe just one paper book and kindle the remainder.

I returned a quite large unread pile to the library this time around. Nothing was really grabbing me, some I didn’t even start, some were quite dreadful and quickly abandoned.

I tried a slightly different approach to borrowing this time – fewer books (less aspirations) and only selected from those that were on display. On each long row of shelving there is one shelf which is at a 45 degree angle, it holds 3-4 books with covers facing outward, almost laid flat (there’s probably some technical library term for this), they’re frequently rotated. I figure the librarians are trying to tell you something. Either that or they won’t fit on the other shelves.

1. Best friends forever : Margot Hunt
2. An American story – Christopher Priest
3. Not working – Lisa Owens

Ahhh – there was a #5.5. I borrowed Mark Lawson’s The Allegations after really enjoying The Deaths.

This should be enough to keep me going through the holiday break.

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