As part of Actioning my 2019 Intentions this morning I trekked by bus into the city to get a facial (trains being out of commission due to track work). Afterward I felt very relaxed and youthful if not a little spendthrifty.

Once done, I searched about a bit without success for a soup / pasta bowl to replace one of a set which had chipped during the week. Then returned back home on the bus feeling exceptionally virtuous for taking public transport rather than jumping in a cab.

It was quite warm when walking home from the bus stop, so I grabbed an elastic from my bag to put my hair up and noticed a suspicious lightness and lack of jingling on my wrist.

The silver bracelet which is my constant companion was not there.

Cue panic and hysteria.

Don bought me the bracelet in a tiny artisany jewellers in Rome in 2008 and I’ve worn it every single day for almost 11 years. I think it cost about €100 or maybe €150 – which was staggeringly large sum for us at the time. It’s one of a kind, absolutely gorgeous and draws comments and admiration all the time. It was the first big present Don had ever bought me. It was my very first overseas trip. The sentimental value is enormous – like beyond explanation.

first appearance on the blog from this ancient post

I’ve called the spa – no luck. Will call the bus lost and found number as soon as they open tomorrow morning. But I’m resigned to the fact that it’s gone forever.

I know it’s an inanimate object, and I should be beyond attachment to *things*, but I am so sad.

2 thoughts on “trauma

    • Unfortunately no luck with lost property and I’m sadly resigned to it being Gone.

      Ah well, by letting go of attachment, I’m surely one step closer to enlightenment, or at least on the way to getting new jewellery.

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