In Make Time (the last personal development I read before taking a break for a year) the authors talk about distraction kryptonite.

Distraction kryptonite is that website or app that is a complete time suck and makes you feel bad or regretful after you’ve spent time there.

My distraction kryptonite is instagram. I’ve written about my challenges with instagram before, and indeed #29 on my 60before60 list is to delete my account, but have been slowly suckered in and once again find myself mindlessly, endlessly scrolling and feeling all sorts of faily and unproductive. If I’ve had an exhausting day at SML, I’ll sit on the couch with the phone or tablet and get lost in instagram for hours.

All those people doing cool stuff! Making cool things! Taking cool photos! And I’m sitting here doing not much other than watching people do cool stuff and feeling bad about myself and not living my life (and probably eating quite a lot of ice-cream in a non-mindful way).

Of course, dearest reader, I absolutely love you and all of your photos. I love seeing what you’re up to and you don’t make me feel bad!

I’d kind of had enough of these lost hours and so decided I wasn’t going to open the instagram app at all today and just wow! It’s incredibly good for my psyche to not visit and I feel approximately a billion times more cheerful.

Clearly this is yet another thing I am unable to moderate and am better off ditching entirely. I haven’t quite decided where I’m going with this, but I’m going to attempt to keep it up for a while longer.

Of course the challenge now is to use my time more wisely.

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