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It’s taken over two months, but I finally did something about the holes in the wall and ceiling from the airconditioner replacement.

craft paper and painters tape for the win

It’s a process.

But hey, at least there’s not building dust pouring out of the holes and into our lungs


One evening a few months ago we were sitting watching television and heard ping. We looked around and found a plastic corner (about 5cmx 5cm) that had spontaneously fallen off the corner of the exhaust fan / rangehood over the stove. There was no apparent cause for this. It didn’t impact the functionality, so I put the piece away “just in case” and we went on with our lives.

Last week we heard another ping and found another bit had jumped off. This time functionality was impacted. The rangehood is the slide out type, and the slide-y part was precariously hanging off one of the rails.

Thank goodness I keep a supply of the fantastically wonderful sugru in the fridge. And thank TheUniverse that I’d kept that first part.

holding it steady while the fix cured – thank theuniverse for occy straps!

Fortunately I had the sugru on hand. I suspect the fan is lower to the cooktop than the Australian Standard dictates** (hence the falling bits) and replacing the unit would cause a world of pain and not insignificant expense – involving setting everything higher and rebuilding cupboards. Honestly I’d rather save the money for a holiday!


** I just looked this up – it’s 7cm too close to the cooker than it should be. Of course it is.

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