60before60: #38 keep at the no drinking (1/10)

While we were on holiday, I hit the TWO YEAR (!) no alcohol anniversary and today marks a whole 25 months (!).

writing “2 years” in the sand on a beach in thailand is a pretty excellent way to celebrate

I’m pretty pleased with this experiment and I can’t see any reason at all to stop. If you’re considering quitting – even for a little bit, why not give it a crack?

I found these books (and authors’ blogs) pretty helpful reading and various points in the “journey”. You could do worse things than give them a read – that’s about as evangelical as I’m going to get.

+ Sarah Hepola: Blackout – Remembering the things I drank to forget
+ Kristi Coulter: Nothing Good Can Come from This
+ Rebecca Weller: A Happier Hour

I’ve also taken much inspiration from the excellent ganching who, although she doesn’t write about it over much, has been doing this much longer than I and has managed remain hip and interesting and doesn’t live like a cloistered nun despite not taking drink.

Amongst other things like health and sanity, I often like to think of sobriety in terms of money not spent. My quite rough calcs of an average of one $30 bottle of wine a day** X 760 days = $22,800.

Rather horrifying isn’t it? I suspect this does somewhat enable those holidays to exotic locations to write in the sand.

Today also marks 347 days since I ate chocolate – that particular challenge has been just about as difficult as you’d imagine.


** sometimes much more, sometimes much less – both price and frequency, but $30 a day would likely be the low average.

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