guess that beats civets**

for sale in our hotel in bangkok – price was appropriately eye-popping

A Delicacy Created Through Relentless Passion

The years in the making, Black Ivory Coffee is the rarest and most unique coffee in the world. Naturally refined by elephants, Black Ivory Coffee beans are broken down by the elephants’ digestive enzymes, resulting in a smooth tasting coffee without bitterness.

Thirty-three kilograms of coffee cherries are required to produce one kilogram of roasted beans. With only a few hundred kilograms produced annually you are one of the few people to experience the coffee.

As a result of our commitment to elephant welfare, a portion of the proceeds from this envelope of coffee will support the elephant care giving families in Ben Ta Klang, Surin, Thaliand.

I hope you enjoy experiencing Black Ivory Coffee as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

Blake Dinkin

Broken down by the elephant’s digestive enzymes?


** kopi luwak – truly the world should be overrun with civets given the sheer volume of this for sale in Vietnam alone

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