wishing it away

It’s the time of year when I start thinking of what I might like to challenge myself with in 2019.

Some of the things I’m idly considering include:
+ only reading books from the library
+ giving up coffee (extremely unlikely)
+ monthly massage / facial
+ no dessert (birthday exceptions only) or post-dinner snacking
+ getting back onto that 60before60 list! I didn’t do much of it at all in 2018 and I really missed the fun of the challenges!

Will of course report back.

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3 Responses to wishing it away

  1. amanda says:

    I’m looking to create a list that is much more things I am going to do rather than things I have to give up

  2. carolbaby says:

    I like your approach!

    Only last week Don was expressing his mild concern at my constant desire to deprive myself of things I enjoy. In some ways it is the easy option, because I *am* very good at giving things up! Much less good at actively doing things for an extended period – like exercise, crafts &etc!

    There’s likely a *whole* lot of baggage underlying this, which I should probably explore with a therapist!

    (I have a freshly laundered sandpaper-like fitted sheet with your name on it)

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