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Before we went on holiday I visited the podiatrist because I was concerned about current and future ankle pain. Despite wearing what I thought were suitable shoes on the last trips, ankle issues put me out of action for a little bit.

The result of this last visit was a recommendation for new shoes, some rehab exercises and more taping. I did buy the new shoes, but the enthusiasm for the taping soon waned and you know what I am like with rehab. Spoiler alert: I’m quite terrible.

lasted roughly a week – why yes, I do have quite fat knees

I am delighted to report that this time despite many (many!) long walks while away I did not suffer the merest twinge of ankle pain. So it’s stable footwear within very tight parameters all the way for me now. Slightly frustrating as it’s not like I was wearing impossibly high heels, or any heels, and I thought I was being sensible with ballet flats with arch supports – alas no. Luckily there are many very nice sneakers out there and I intend to buy all of them. Also luckily SML has gone casual, so I do not look too ridiculous.

second pair of many in my future

Interestingly, despite wearing the exact same shoes as when I was away, I’m starting to feel an occasional ache. Psychological? TheUniverse telling me I should be on perpetual holiday? Sadly I think is maybe that I’m wearing bare feet^^ in the house and I’m in the house a lot more than I was while away. Shoes in the house sounds horrible to me, I love bare feet! Maybe I just need to get out and about more?


^^ can you wear bare feet?

6 thoughts on “ailments update

  1. I have terrible feet problems these days – carrying too much weight, arthritic knee, bunions – and really need a podiatrist in my future. What brand are those red shoes? they look great

    • The shoes are still wonderful!

      Alas, I cannot say the same for the tape, which I don’t actually think did very much at all and I quickly abandoned! It’s rock tape.

      And I can report that I have not had ankle pain for months after wearing proper shoes pretty much all the time.

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