old lady ailments – first in a series

I’ve been experiencing a bunch of ankle issues yet again which appear to be triggered by walking rather than running. I suspected this a while back, but this has been confirmed by process of elimination (ie. my running is virtually non-existent).

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of pretty slick nikes** with the intention of taking them on holiday for general walking about. I wore them for a day and my right leg was pretty well screwed afterward – requiring lots of cool packs and elevation.

Nothing for it but to head off to the podiatrist.

Diagnosis is that I have very wobbly and unstable ankles (and a touch of arthritis – what!?!?) and I’m under instruction to replace most of my footwear (including the sweet nikes) with more stable options. I never ever wear heels and always go for sensible sensible shoes, but obviously not quite sensible enough.

Fortunately no need for orthotics! I can buy at least 3 pairs of sensible shoes for the cost of those!

** if the link breaks, they’re duel racers.

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