One of the positives about keeping a blog for (yikes!) over 14 years, is that it is quite easy to see what you were up to at particular points in time.

For example, when searching last year’s entries to see if I there is some sort of seasonal pattern to being grumpy and slightly miserable**, I found that I had almost the exact same shoulder pain that I have developed in recent days. And also that we were climbing the giant scaffolding to waterproof the back of ThePalace(OfLove) and it rained a lot (adding some spice to the waterproofing mix) – we’re not climbing the wall, but it has rained a lot and the waterproofing looks to have been successful.

Of course I’ve kinda-sorta ruined the historic record by very sporadic blogging this year, need to attend to that!


** there doesn’t appear to be a seasonal pattern, I’m just grumpy and slightly miserable.

2 thoughts on “patterns

  1. Yes indeed. A few years ago a colleague said “Remember when we did such and such”? I had absolutely no memory of the event until I checked my blog, and instantly, all the memories came back. Will be good for our twilight years, I suspect.

    • You’re definitely correct – for many years it was the only way we could keep track of our wedding anniversary! That was until about 2 years ago when I realised it was exactly a month after my birthday – d’oh!

      I’m really pleased that I kept a hard copy travel diary of sorts on this trip and was really diligent about completing an entry for every day – nothing hugely insightful, mostly where we went, funny things we saw, what trains we caught, what we ate. I did this sporadically on the last trip and it was really cool to look back on the days that I actually did complete. The blog is kind of like that, it occasionally might seem a bit tedious or not worth the effort – but looking back on “historic” posts, I’m always pleased that I did it!

      The blog is a bit like that

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