We’ve been back from holiday for two weeks now (almost to the minute) and I’m finding it somewhat more difficult that usual to settle back into the routine.

The holiday was, of course, absolutely wonderful. We tend not to return to holiday destinations (she says, as though she’s an accomplished world traveller!), but having visited Japan not-so-long-ago, we really enjoyed the familiarity – for example, we already knew how to top-up a suica card, catch a train, use a ramen machine, the basic social niceties &etc. I think the prior knowledge and a level of comfort enabled us to go a little deeper and learn a little more – it’s incredibly different and there’s so much to learn and discover!

We love visiting Japan so much that I’m sure it is somewhere we will return to again and again.

We bought so many things we were forced to buy two extra suitcases (two!) – admittedly one was a carry-on, but still, two! Mostly this was clothes and shoes (I’m absolutely crazy about the Japanese aesthetic), so culling is underway in both of our wardrobes. I’m already regretting not buying more sneakers.

And of course as is usual after a long(ish) holiday – we’re full of determination to change up our living spaces to make them more like our holiday ones – clean, simple, cosy, uncluttered; and to do more with our lives than just work and work and work.

How long this lasts is yet to be seen!


I think this is the first Sunday in months and months that will be relatively “normal”. Though I’m not entirely certain what normal means anymore – I suspect mostly housework. At least we sucked it up and did grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, so we’re not having to spend the morning at the supermarket. I have quite a mountain of ironing to catch up on – so best find a suitable audiobook.

Well perhaps not entirely normal as Joan leaves for 2 years in the UK in less than two weeks! I’m quite certain those two weeks will be a whirlwind of activity.

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      • Me too! Glad to hear you enjoyed your return trip to Japan. I had such a fantastic time when I went to Japan, that I thought any return visit would be marred by me comparing it to my first trip there. Good to hear that a repeat visit can be just as rewarding as the first!

        • Oh you should definitely return!

          We’re already very low-key planning our third trip – there’s so much of the country we haven’t seen and we’re both having FOMO for things we thought about buying but didn’t.

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