I can’t even remember when we actually planned it, but our holiday to Japan (yes, we’re going back) has been locked in for mid-May to mid-June for a good while now.

A few weeks ago I was suffering through a fairly ordinary half-day workshop and during a lull messaged Don with “I’m ready to go on holiday”, he responded with a “Me too!!!”. He sent another message a couple of hours later with a “How soon do you reckon you could go on holiday if we were to move it up?”. Me: “wut?”

Don’s work had just scored a huge project which he’s critical to. A huge project which was scheduled at the same time we were away (and immovable). Could we move our holiday? They’d pay any cancellation fees and and upgrade our flights to business class.

Oh okay – if you insist.

We now leave on the 27th – less than two weeks away!

Turns out it is now inconvenient for me work-wise, but hey, SML will definitely cope!

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  1. exciting! I am horrified at how hot it still is. I have a suitcase of all the wrong clothes

  2. Awfully jealous. Would love to go back to Japan. I’m taking this week off as a “staycation”. It will involve lots of sleeping.

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