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I’m not entirely sure where the weekend has gone (mostly tidying/pottering and a couple of small projects), but thankfully I have one more day before I return to SML!

Things I will absolutely do tomorrow:
+ write up the February 2017 food list. I’m aiming for one month a day, much less daunting than trying to do the whole year at once (or two years – given that I haven’t posted 2016 either)
+ decide on photo enlargements for our “office” and organise printing
+ clean worm farm – sadly all worms didn’t make it even half-way through summer, so I’m disassembling and returning to the faux compost bin
+ write up my 2018 not-resolutions / projects (normally I love doing this – no idea why I’m avoiding)
+ sit quietly and embroider
+ avoid thinking of that axe I must wield this week


For the longest time I’ve been writing my daily post (except for the really lengthy ones) on the ipad in bed. In an effort to try to not shove a giant blue light in my face before sleep, I’ve returned to my desk. I must say this feels super-weird, but definitely has more of the old school blogging feel about it.

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