tonight from the upper balcony

I didn’t cycle to work today and I did do that very, very tiny run this morning, so I was quite pleased that I stuck to the plan and showed restraint.

While it is not a resolution (or even a not-resolution) I’m trying to take a more sensible, measured approach to my undertakings and not throw myself at everything like I have something to prove. I feel like this could possibly result in more positive outcomes and less injury, less stress and less comparison to others (where I inevitably come out unfavourably).

What this means in practice is that I won’t ride in every day (I’ll aim for 3 days), I’ll take my time with increasing the running distance and I won’t measure myself (my pace, my distance). I definitely think quitting the garmin and the sports-tracker was one of the better things I did for my mental health in 2017 – my use was definitely venturing into obsessive territory!

So – calm the hell down and take things at a relaxed pace – actually that could probably be a resolution.


(For the next little bit I’m going to try adding something positive and cheerful from the day to the end of my posts – we’ll see how that goes!)

Best thing today: lunch date with Don

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