saddle: back in it

I decided to cycle in to SML for the first day back yesterday, mostly because I’m really feeling the lack of exercise!

I knew it had been a while since I’d been on the bike but was astonished when I calculated that it was around 8 weeks! I guess this is what happens when you aren’t consciously making things a priority – life just passes you by (cue angst).

But forced myself out and did it (with the help of a coin toss)! And I did it again today!

I won’t say it wasn’t challenging, because it totally was. I wasn’t entirely back to square one, but I’ve lost a bit of fitness and hills were quite a lot harder than they were. Fortunately I’ve retained confidence and lack-of-wobbliness (which would likely have vanished if I’d left it much longer).

I’m quite knackered from all this effort (and sore in loads of places) so am declaring a rest day tomorrow – I’ll take a very gentle 1km run|walk instead. Yes, you read that 1km correctly – I really am taking baby steps to get back to regular running.

Then I need to carve out some time to add regular yoga into the mix.

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