50before50: fin

gorgeous birthday flowers from heather

And just like that the 50before50 project is over!

I really, really loved doing this – having *stuff* on a list stretched me to do *stuff* I hadn’t thought possible or that I’d dithered about starting: 3x overseas trips! 100 pushups! Cycling to work! Pilates! Building a radio!

The project also made me embrace this potentially very scary milestone – rather than wailing and gnashing my teeth or weeping for my lost youth.

And sure, I didn’t do everything on the list, but I had a pretty good crack:
+ Completed = 32
+ Part Completed = 3
+ Abandoned = 4
+ Carried forward to some form of future list = 11

I’d definitely recommend this as something worth giving a go – whatever the milestone!


Because I adored this so much, there will definitely be another similar project, but what form should that future list take?

The general consensus is to try for 60before60. Yes, 10 years is a really long time, but I am pretty confident it will be here before we know it.

I’ve started capturing my ideas – and already have a head-start with those 11 incomplete items from the 50 list!

2 thoughts on “50before50: fin

    • Thank you! It was wonderful and I climbed a mountain!

      I still feel very young! And am beginning to suspect that I’m never going to feel like a grown-up.

      I’m taking much inspiration from you turning 60!

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