50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (22-24/24)

Annnnnnnd … we’re done!

#22 – Avery Tare’s Slasher Flicks: Enter The Slasher House
So bright! So poppy! Put this on when I’m grumpish and feel immediately cheered. Go listen to little fang if you need a lift.

#23 – Lina Tullgren: Won
Exactly the opposite of #22 – in no way is this cheerful and poppy, but it’s that brooding, angry, earnest, female indy sound I like so much.
The album cover totally creeps me out (seriously, shudder!), but I’m very glad I looked past it and gave this a chance.

#24 – Hookworms: The Hum
Psych-punk according to Pitchfork, also gonzo garage-rock, scuzzy psych, and free-form hypno-drone. Yeah, okay.
Enjoyable nonetheless!


This was one of my favourite projects! I’d pretty much lost touch with my love of music and this was definitely successful in resurrecting it. I may be too elderly to go to shows (what do you mean the band comes on at 10pm? I’ll be asleep!), but I’m not too elderly to adore new bands | new music – even if some of the artists are younger than my children.

And all hail bandcamp – because without it, I would have been screwed!

I’ll be adding a similar item to the next project set.

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