this could be a thing

So about that list of very low-key things I wanted to Achieve in October:

➕ complete 5 of the 50before50 projects (ambitious!)
❌ – I don’t think I got even one crossed off!

➕ dinner and theatre date with Don (Saturday)
✅ – very lovely it was too 

➕ stop stress-eating biscuits at SML
❌ – not really, and have moved onto chocolate biscuits

➕ get into the habit of recording my impressions of books immediately upon completing them
✅ – very much helped by the fact that I barely read any books

➕ investigate acquiring a larger fish tank
✅ – definitely investigated (unkind people might say over-investigated!), but we remain undecided

➕ compile prep and packing list for birthday getaway
❌ – conceptually we have a fair idea what we need to take, but no actual list was produced!

Hey, actually way better than I thought!


And let’s try six low-key things for November:

➕ no bad snacks at work

➕ use foam roller on ITB morning and evening

➕ meditiate every day

➕ complete that list of getaway necessities

➕ grab some fiction to read on my getaway

➕ go hard at the 50 list

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