Courtesy of Joan: How the big 50 became the new 21st: Brits are no longer quiet about hitting the half century milestone (it’s a daily mail article, you probably don’t want to click the link!)

While I am unlikely to host a festival (what?), design my own wine or road-trip across America, there is one project I can get behind.

50 AT 50

The 50 Challenge is a list of 50 ideas that will give you 12 months of new experiences, designed to whisk you from your comfort zone and enliven your life. Challenges can range from ‘follow a gourmet recipe’ to ‘try golf’ to ‘get up at dawn and photograph the sunrise’.

Aim for one-off ideas that will inspire you, and avoid anything arduous or long-term (‘Learn fluent French’ is a life decision, not a birthday challenge.) This way, the birthday joy will last until your 51st.

Though, no matter how much Don would like it, I definitely won’t be adding ‘try golf’ to my list.


** Admittedly, I’ve been rather leisurely in pursuing this, but it’s taken me over 3.5 years to get even part-way through my list – 50 things in one year seems very ambitious!

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