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I took Friday off as an Annual Leave day (so very needed!). As is becoming a thing on the rare occasion I don’t work on a Friday, I took a pilates class which I think is a very good way to remind yourself that you’re not at work.

My yoga studio has recently been taken over by new owners who acquired the lease on the property, not the actual business. The change-over came as a huge surprise to everyone (even some of the teaching staff) – one day there was an email stating “closing business, from tomorrow will be operated by NewOwners”. Fortunately NewOwners are recognising outstanding passes, which is very good of them, but only until 1 October. I’d bought a multi pass which I hadn’t used very much of – and found out on Friday that I had 25 classes left. Eeep! Slightly annoying, but at least I didn’t recently acquire a not inexpensive annual pass!

The rest of the day was not as relaxing or productive as I would have liked as I was sucked into work drama – grar.


On Saturday I thought I’d best make use of one of those outstanding 25 classes while I have the chance and headed out to yoga. Of course I did not make this easy on myself, Don had the car for golf and I was agonising about whether to ride Corey-the-bike, telling myself it was far away and scary. Honestly, my brain sometimes! The yoga studio is about half the distance to work … and on the same route. So I sucked it up amd strapped the mat to the rack and it took me 10 min to get there. I roll my eyes at myself sometimes.

It was my first yoga class for 4 1/2 years! I hadn’t realised it had been so lomg until I was lying on the mat. It was the same teacher as back then and I remembered all of his delightful and funny ways as we were working our way through the poses.

Afterward I felt pretty great! Old age must be making me more sensible as I wasn’t trying to prove how eXtreme I am or to do all the progressions – I just stuck with trying to get decent form. Look at me all grown up! I don’t know why or how, but I felt like I had a much better understanding of what my body was doing and how I was supposed to manoeuvre it.

I am really considering taking a week off at some point just to do projects (and for my mental health). I’d love to add daily yoga to that, though I daresay it would probably kill me.


Don and I headed out for ramen after he returned from golf and we meandered around Glebe markets for a while and became rather nostalgic for the old neighbourhood.

I could not restrain myself from buying (unpictured) matching kitty socks for Joan, Bessie and I because I am insane.


This morning we went out for a quick ride (I definitely need much more practice on the road bike), then a quick meal plan and grocery shop.

We were in danger of wasting the day in front of the television – already we’d snoozed through golf and cycling, so I dragged Don down to the local park to watch some local baseball.

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day and so nice to just be out of the house doing something different – extremely relaxing and meditative sitting in the winter sun eating a sausage-on-bun and people-watching. 

I need more of this kind of stuff in my life!

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