50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (15-21/24)

Most of the music I’ve bought recently has been the result of emails from various record companies recommending various things. I’ve set up an auto-filter so these skip the inbox and stack up in a new music folder until I get time to work my way through them.

A couple of weeks ago I had a quite daunting 58 unread emails in the folder and I decided to suck it up and smash through the list while doing some mindless end of year spreedsheet-y stuff at SML.

I found lots to love and buy (and of course some not-quite-so-much to love) – I think this set could be described as equal amounts of quite wonderful and quite wonderfully bonkers.

On with my terrible descriptions (it’s very fortunate I have no ambitions as a music writer):

#15 – Jade Imagine: What the fuck was I thinking
Gorgeous, laid-back, peaceful, Totally Oz – great sunday afternoon music.

#16 – Axxa​/​Abraxas: Axxa​/​Abraxas
Kind of pop, kind of psychedelic, kind of retro-pop-psychedelic – all in a very good way.

#17 – Good Boy: Braap | Jarrow: Cody (split 7inch)
Good Boy: Plum
Totally Oz, low-fi, garagey. All the good things!
(and they’re just babies! Jarrow is 20! ZOMG!)

#18 – Palehound: A place I’ll always go
Great and lovely album, exceptionally listenable – very American indie-pop.

#19 – Shugo Tokumaru: TOSS
So very Japanese. I really can’t adequately describe it – kind of a pop-cacophony. Wonderful!

#20 – Essendon Airport: Palimpset
Eccentric-electro-eclectic with a bit of low-fi thrown in. Kind of bonkers. Initially I was “I love it, but it’s a smidge derivative” but then read the liner notes and found it’s a re-release of an album from 1981! Mind. Blown.

#21 – The Bombay Royale: The island of Dr Electrico
This is amazing – and bonkers – and amazing! Wild amalgam of Bollywood, disco, surf, funk, pop.
Heard the title song from their (not yet released) new album on 2ser while in the car yesterday and had to buy this one (and pre-order the new one)!

Only 3 albums to go until I hit the target! I hate to preempt anything, but I feel like I have this one in the bag. There is so much good music out there when you take the time to seek it out – and be willing to wade through much that is not to your taste.

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