adventures in gardening: #999988885555

I adore mossy things and tiny worlds and have been admiring the gorgeous mossariums on the mosslight1955 instagram account for a while now. Mostly admiring while thinking such adorable things were a little beyond my reach.

When we were in Melbourne browsing the lovely treasures in top 3 by design we came across
botanica boutique’s sanctuary s. I was completely powerless to resist** and snapped up one in concrete – frugality be damned.

I knew we had some moss hanging about the base of the ponytail plants on the top balcony (an absolute mystery why that is – it’s alternately a firey desert and a freezing desert up there), so there was something immediately available to fill it.


The moss I chose was from the other ponytail and was a browning a little from neglect. I guess there is such a thing as a neglect tipping point as it had been thriving from neglect the last time I looked.

I flicked off a couple of browning bunches (if bunches is the word I want), gave them a good soak with the base in a bowl of water (per directions for the base), and arranged them as best I could. I probably had a little more than I needed, so it’s a bit mountainous in there:

infinitely better photos on the botanica site

Week one and already stuff is happening:

It’s so pleasing to look at! And so very soothing!

I’m seriously contemplating buying one of the larger M series.


** after about a billion years agonising over whether I should buy it.

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