on the should do more often list

Accompanied Joe/Frank to the GP this afternoon to have yet another form completed (that’s 3 times this year)**

After we were done, we parted ways – him toward home, me toward the optometrist. I’m having difficulties adjusting to the combination lenses, so I’m having my shiny new distance prescription put into a pair of old frames^^ – frugal!

Then I walked home which was really quite pleasant. It was a joy to be out of the office before 6pm for a change and the evening was beautiful. I was pretty knackered by the time I arrived at ThePalace(OfLove) which I think speaks quite a lot to my current fitness levels!

I am very very glad that tomorrow is Friday. I have no plans, but it will be nice to not think about SML for a couple of hours.


** I often wish one could obtain a sort of perpetual certificate of disability that could be busted out when required.

^^ wait, what? How can that be TEN years ago?

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