it will get you everywhere

We’ve just hit an important annual KPI at SML – with 3 days to go. Exciting as it was always going to be touch and go and this KPI forms a component of quite a few bonuses.

Bobs replied to the email announcement all (looping in some very senior peeps) thanking Heather, NotHeather and RandomCollege and teams for the hard work.

I responded to Bobs (only) that he knew better than to name-check people in emails because people will invariably be left out and become upset – people like ME (because I was pretty heavily involved in the delivery).

When next at his desk (we pretty much sit next to each other) he said, carolbaby, that was a deliberate list and I didn’t include you because you are too senior for that sort of thing.

Clearly he knows me way too well and exactly what flattery to employ because I delighted in this. Really he’d obviously just utterly forgotten that I’d anything to do with it – Heather and NotHeather are allegedly my peers, so there’s no seniority about it.

Definitely points for effort and I’ll be sure to drag this apparent seniority out on future occasions.

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