quite sufficient 

you see what i mean about the lovely saturday morning

Over the weekend I succumbed and bought both a rack and a basket for Corey-the-bike and it really made the world of difference to the commute this morning.

Both add a bit of weight and it definitely will take a little getting used to as the centre of gravity has changed completely, but my back is extremely thankful.

Lugging a laptop, even a quite
light one, a complete change of clothes, a wallet jammed with coins and occasional groceries on your back while riding a bicycle is not to be recommended.

This week I would actually like to develop a plan for the next couple of weekends. We have some totally not fun household maintenance tasks to cover off before ThePalace(OfLove) falls down around our ears.

I also need to stop watching home improvement / home renovation programmes, because it gives me way too much of a hankering to do stuff, or more likely get people in to do stuff – and we’ve been spending quite enough already thank-you-very-much.

And I’d really like to knock over some of the posts that are kicking around it my head. When I sit down to write something in the evening, I’m already in bed and eyes are drooping. In retrospect that no internet in the evenings for a month has had a long-lasting impact on me, I’m rarely on the internet until just before bed and have little time to really write (would that I was doing something productive with that time!).

Oh and I’d like to settle on some sort of needlepoint or embroidery pattern for my challenge (#41).

That’s probably eough to be going on with.

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