50before50: #12 no more drinking alcohol (month 6)!

from yesterday’s run

Today marks SIX MONTHS (SIX!) since I quit drinking alcohol.

Yay me!

I won’t lie – there have been a couple of occasions where I have been tempted to have a glass of wine, but it’s definitely not worth going down that path because I won’t be able to have just one and I’ll end up fat and grumpish. 

It’s much harder to stay away from chocolate, which I quit at the beginning of the year. Every time I encounter a block, in the supermarket for example, it takes all my powers to resist buying it and all of its brethren. Even just writing that makes me long to run down the servo and grab some. 

Willpower, I (mostly) has it.

The last bastion of the not drinking challenges lies ahead in the next couple of months – Melbourne for a weekend.  The chocolate? I don’t think that craving is ever going to stop.

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