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peace in our time

I cycled to work four days this week, which is a little over one hour of pretty solid cardio a day – which is really really really making a difference to my mental health. I’m still quite terrified before each outing, but I guess that keeps me alert.

I’m no further on that weekend Action list. This is a not entirely ideal because it’s 10:30pm on Friday. 

I was briefly considering entering the Mother’s Day Classic on Sunday, but then I was a bit like “do I really want to pay $60 to go for a 4km run?”. Actually no, right now I do not. I will run around the neighbourhood though – hopefully – if not raining.

I’d also like to try to find a rack for the back of Corey-the-bike. I’m all good with the backpack ordinarily, but adding my work laptop on Friday evening kills me!

And maybe I’ll take a look at my 50 list – because time is slipping away!

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