and you can have this task and this task and this task. oh, and this other task.

rather nice to wake up to

I think I need to make a plan for the weekend, else I’ll just fill my time with housework – and while some needs to be completed, I’m definitely not keen on it being the only thing I accomplish! Mojo, please return.

Work has been work. I’m slowly (very slowly) divesting myself of stuff that should have been handed over years ago, but which wasn’t because there was no-one capable of taking it. This feels very, very good indeed! Giving myself six months to rid myself of it all entirely.

It’s occasionally starting to feel as though we may actually and finally  become a functional organisation (though of course it still teeters on the edge of completely bonkers more often than not)

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  1. agkaty says:

    I have realized my weekend dynamic ranges between: 1) planting my backside on the sofa Friday afternoon and doing nothing but refreshing podcasts all weekend (with forays into the backyard or out to walk the dog) and 2) fun, exciting activities which give me things to look forward to and to think back on, but leave me exhausted, and wishing I had more time for (1). I need some sort of balance, Your weekend lists seem like a good way of approaching the matter.

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