50befor50: #45 knit a complicated shawl or scarf – fin

After dithering about this for a long time and getting side-tracked on pattern, I finally just got down to it and completed the easy as pie scarf.

I finished the actual knitting a couple of weeks ago, but decided to do things properly and ordered some blocking wires. (which I figured I’d use again at some point).

The wires arrived this week and today it was all systems go.


I soaked for about an hour, then sat on the floor of Bessie’s room for a good while and threaded the wires through the edges. I’m not going to invest in blocking mats, so used a yoga mat to pin to.

I knew about two errors in the lace which I figured I could live with, but it was only when editing these pix that I discovered I’d crossed one of the cables the wrong way. ACK! Especially frustrating after I ripped back about 50cm to fix an incorrectly crossed cable. Ahhhh well, too late to do anything about that now (though It is taking all of my powers not to hurl in into the bin right now).

I think we can happily call this one done!

While writing this I realised that wordpress is not pulling in my externally hosted images, but is grabbing them, hosting them and doing a fair bit of compression – hence some fuzziness, particularly with the darker ones (I’m really not that bad at taking photos!). This doesn’t entirely please me.

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  1. This is a wonderful scarf, I’m glad you finished it! And a suggestion how to fix that cable, if it bothers you: cut the thread in the middle of the 4-stitch cable on the row, where the crossing of the cable went wrong. Remove the thread from the 4 cable stitches and place the live stitches from the row below and the row above on two needles. Arrange the stitches from the row below the way they should be crossed. Using additional thread attach the 4 stitches from below and above with kitchener stitch. There will be lots of ends to weave in. But of course that’s a lot of work for a mistake no one would notice but you, I really love this scarf and the combination of cables and lace is very beautiful.

    • Carmela, thanks for your very kind words!

      That is such a clever solution! If I decide I can’t live with it I’m definitely going to give that a try (perhaps first on a practice piece!)

    • You are very kind.

      Finished properly until left at home all day unattended on the floor with kitties about. Two of my previously straight blocking wires now have a distinct curve (one might even say an arc) – as does the scarf.

      Fortunately that was the only damage, but will need re-blocking.

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