tiresomely tedious

Thanks lovely peeps for your well wishes. 

I’m still feeling somewhat fragile, but definitely on the mend (yeah thanks iphone, but I really didn’t mean on the men’s, as you so interestingly auto-corrected).

Work is kind of bonkers lately – we’re recruiting for a couple of roles in my team and Bobs, in his infinite wisdom, threw the job specs out to about 7 agencies (without consulting me) and then left me to do the wrangling – thanks Bobs! Just juggling everyone and remembering who comes from where has pretty much been a full time job for the past couple of weeks. This has meant that lots of my regular stuff has slipped, but it has done wonders for my abilities to very firmly say no, rather than being wishy-washy and apologetic.

Fortunately most of the recruiters have been excellent to deal with, but one turned into a kind of flirty creepy stalker and another tries to do the reach around to Bobs and cut me out (despite being told I am the hiring manager and to go through me). Total dick move and very short-sighted because no matter how good his candidates might be, I am really not inclined to progress them. 

Honestly, what is it about some brats in their mid-to-late-20s? I’ve had this ridiculous experience a couple of times recently and in the main the behaviour is confined to young, male Brits.**

I’m trying to decide whether it is classist, antipodeanist, ageist or sexist (or all of the above). Whatever it is, I could very cheerfully punch them in the dick(s). Of course what I should do in this case is call his manager and tell him exactly why we won’t be doing business with them again.


** Of course not all young male Brits display this behaviour.

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