breaking the chain

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My almost 14 month streak of blogging everyday hit a snag yesterday (is that too many mixed metaphors?)

I was struck down by the most horrible dose of food poisoning – which left me curled up in the foetal position on the bathroom floor late last night. The pain was not unlike what I imagine Giant Rats gnawing at your innards would feel like. I’m still feeling a little fragile this morning and probably should have stayed in bed.

A good lesson to perhaps stay away from terribly expensive $13.50 chicken salad as a lunch option.

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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter here…… Hope you are on the mend. I read your blog every morning religiously, so I was wondering what had happened.
    Thanks for a great blog. I can’t wait for you to resume normal programming. Get well soon!

    • Daniel! Thank you, that’s really lovely!

      Feeling slightly more human. Sounds dreadfully Pollyanna-ish, but episodes like this make me eternally grateful for my usual good health! Should be back on the regular tomorrow.

    • Thanks Shauna! All better – finally. During the incident Don was all “we should go to the hospital!”, me: “I’m in too much pain to go to the hospital”. Ahhh, so rational.

      I do love a suburban crickey ground.

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