50before50: #47 no internet in the evenings for a month – day one

i did say there would be photos – from the waiting-for-ikea-to-open walk

What, February? I’m sure I did stuff I January, but I’m at a loss to work out precisely what that was.

Yesterday was the first day of no internet after work. This went quite well – probably because I didn’t get home from SML until 7pm.

Things I did instead of futzing about on the Information Superhighway:
➕ Went for a quick run (failed at 3km again** – what the hell?)
➕ Watched terrible television with Don and Bess
➕ Knitted one pattern repeat of my scarf
➕ Read a bit of an awful book which I’m planning to abandon

I suspect the first day was less challenging because I came home late and because I went for a run. I suspect the secret is to do things slightly out of the ordinary to break the “come home, snack lots, stuff about on internet” – which is unfortunately quite an ingrained habit!


** I made the decision on the weekend that I would not participate in the 7km Sun Run this Saturday. I checked out my stats and the last time I ran that far was in that event last year, I’ve barely been doing 5km.

The very bad 3km yesterday confirmed this was a pretty good idea.

We’re taking a good hard look at shaking up our diets – as I’ve mentioned, I suspect this partly to blame.

I really need to stop entering these events in advance – this is about the 4th I’ve withdrawn from!

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