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So that Belated Big Birthday Ride scheduled for today, wasn’t quite so Big, but we got out there anyway. We took the unusual step of driving part way and then cycling to Kurnell.

Reader, I was really pretty knackered both during and after. Gosh, fitness is an ephemeral thing! It is going to take me a bit longer than I had anticipated to get back to my earlier form – that cold knocked me around much more than I thought.

There were however two very good things:
Thing 1. I handled the (very small) hills much better than I ever have.
Thing 2. I shared the road with big, big trucks and cars – even the bit where there was not a designated cycle lane!

This is pretty tremendous!


In exciting news I finally got to try out my new summer cycle gear! I am very happy with it – very light and breathable! And well worth paying the extra money for superior quality.


We stopped to watch a boat for bit – while being attacked by hundreds of flies (worst part of summer). Even though we love ThePalace(OfLove), we really do miss living right on the working harbour (though of course it is no longer working).


We’re definitely getting back to that regular weekend riding.

Next up – tomorrow I attempt to run.

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  1. Good work. I can’t remember if you did a post on selecting a bike? Can you point me to that in your archive, if yes? Am considering getting back on my bike…

    • You might be misremembering – I did the absolute worst thing you can do and bought the first bike I test rode! Not that I think my bike is necessarily bad, but I probably could have done better. Don bought a hybrid with a carbon fork and it is as light as anything, mine definitely could not be described as light as anything!

      I’m now saving my pennies for a very expensive road bike – much more suited to my current needs and interests than my mountain bike.

      Yes, you should definitely get on the bike! I reckon you must live in by far the best city in Australia for cycling.

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