last one of the decade


Let’s just say this was not the funnest birthday I’ve had – stupid cold. And turns out poor Don has tonsillitis – no wonder our symptoms are different!

Because of the illness horror, I’m carrying the planned birthday activities forward to (I think) the weekend of 10 December. There will be a Big Birthday Bike Ride and a Big Birthday Run (possibly also Big Birthday Pilates if I can squeeze it in).

The best bit about my birthday by far is that Don, despite his extreme illness, insisted on smoking a pork shoulder for my birthday dinner – BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST HUSBAND EVER.

very mediocre photo of very excellent meal


And TheUniverse has not quite finished smiting me.

This morning I woke up with a cold sore on my top lip. I really don’t care for this cold sores without warning thing that has been happening recently – no tingling, no pain, just GIANT lump.

much larger than pictured

Hurrah! All The Things!


I’m having today off sick because I’m pretty sure that going to SML would extend the illness by another couple of weeks. And it has been actually pretty gosh-darned relaxing.

0 thoughts on “last one of the decade

    • Thanks James!

      I think it might be The Universe reminding me to appreciate the good health I normally have. Either that or it is giving me a taster of what advancing age will be like!

    • Thanks Katy! Finally getting to not-feeling-like-death stage of the process (and into the coughing-all-night phase).

      The pulled pork was amazing, we are now conspiring to force Don to smoke much more meat over summer.

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